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Tom Hoyland

Tom Hoyland

Principal Agile and DevOps Consultant, that Agile

Founder of The Retro - That Agile Podcast, a regular speaker and panellist at agile and DevOps, conferences and meetups, Tom likes to tell the stories of teams and their journeys, weaving together case studies, research, insights and metrics, especially those that happen in the Yorkshire tech community!

  • Digital

With a background in engineering, product development and service transformation, Tom gets under the bonnet of products, teams, and organisations to understand what makes them tick and how they could be better. Tom is an Expert Agile and DevOps practitioner, Professional Coach and Mentor at That Agile and Sky Betting & Gaming. Previously Tom has led Agile and Digital Transformations, building teams, growing capabilities and promoting cultures that reduce the lead time to business impact in the public sector at the UK Home Office and across UK Police Forces, and in the private sector, working with fintech, marketing and cryptocurrency leaders.