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Mark Halpin

Chief Executive Officer, CloudCoCo Plc

Being a proud northerner, I am delighted that a new and innovative collaboration and networking platform has been created to leverage the enormous power of the intelligence, innovation and bright minds of the region.

Mark, the Willy Wonka-esq, ¬†founder of CloudCoCo has been in the IT industry for 20 years. He’s seen it all, from the early days of clunky servers and dial-up internet, to the current cloud-based, lightning-fast world we live in. But as technology advanced, Mark noticed something strange happening in the IT service provider scene. While digital solutions were skyrocketing, the way these providers operated was stuck in the past. They were like dinosaurs, lumbering around with outdated processes and a lack of innovation.

Mark knew he could do better. So, in April 2018, he took a leap of faith and started CloudCoCo, a managed service company that was determined to shake things up. He wanted to create a business that was all about innovation, customer experience, flexibility, and partnership. And let me tell you, he has succeeded in spades.

Fast forward to today and CloudCoCo is one of the fastest-growing managed service companies in Leeds. The company has come a long way since its humble beginnings above Leeds train station, turning over a whopping 25 million pounds, employing 150 people and counting over 1000 customers. Mark’s vision for a refreshing take on the IT service provider scene has become a reality, and it’s clear that his approach is resonating with businesses of all shapes and sizes