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Liz Whitefield

Business Development Director, Hippo Digital

Silicon Yorkshire brings together people across the great and wide Yorkshire technology community to ignite conversation, boost networks, connect businesses and unlock value. Anyone who knows me knows I love an opportunity to network with after-work drinks or two. These events are welcoming to all IT leaders, founders, startups, creative digital entrepreneurs, technology architects, engineers and everyone in between. You have an excellent opportunity to build meaningful relationships with new contacts, reconnect with old friends and be part of building something better for the whole technology community and why wouldn't you want to be a part of that? I am always looking to support the growth of digital and technology skills in several ways. Such as through engagements with schools, universities and career changes by sponsoring events/training that help to increase awareness of the opportunities working in the sector can bring. Having a place to share this knowledge within our community is a must for me.

As Hippo Digital’s Business Development Director, Liz is responsible for identifying and securing delivery opportunities and working with clients to ensure they are satisfied with the outcomes of their solutions. It is about finding clients and work that aligns with Hippo’s culture and values.

Liz left a 30-year career in the public sector in 2017 to become an Executive Director of Hippo Digital, joining a fledgling start-up company of six people as a de-facto co-founder. Hippo Digital is a Leeds-headquartered technology company that has grown from those six people to employ nearly 250 consultants across Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London.

As a graduate of the first public sector digital academy, she led transformations, including one that supported terminally ill citizens,  developing an appreciation for the challenges and benefits of designing and delivering the best experience possible for customers, no matter the need.

As Business Development Director, Liz leads relationship management and strategy for Hippos public/private sector clients – 40 projects at any one time and plays a key role in the success and growth of a business which has seen significant year-on-year growth. She was instrumental in leading Hippos’ response to supporting a number of critical Covid 19 services across Health, central government and welfare as Hippo supported some of the most vulnerable users through the pandemic.

Hippo Digital has also been recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies at the Northern Tech Awards for the last two years.